About Peter Hill Credit

Why should you have export credit insurance?

"I just thought I would take the opportunity to thank you for the service you have provided for my company over the last seven months. Whilst I was quite skeptical initially, I have since found that the support, assistance and quality of service provided have been outstanding. The policy we purchased from yourself has proven to be exactly what you promised it would be and it has been incredibly easy to operate coupled with very competent staff at the end of the phone.

In the unfortunate instances where we have required some of the services offered they have been very thorough - the results very swift and the final outcome has always been to our satisfaction, a vast improvement over previous collection and debt policies we have utilised.

I would have to confess that on this occasion, it has been without doubt a very wise investment of our money and an insurance policy I will definitely look to renew next year as it brings some real peace of mind in some very difficult trading times."

S Dowen, Managing Director, Lynn Star Express Distribution